DiceBox Innovation Hub (DI-Hub) is an innovation and Business Incubation hub located in Kano, Nigeria. DI-Hub was born an act of entrepreneurial mindset within our society to help create sustainable startups for rapid economic growth in Nigeria. DI-Hub is powered by BrainStorm IT Solutions LTD


The employment situation in Nigeria largely mirrored recent global trends. At the close of the year (2016) the expansion of the global economy was too weak to close the significant employment gap that has emerged since the beginning of the global economic crisis in 2008. Underemployment continues to be predominant in rural areas, 25.8% of rural residents were underemployed compared to 10.5% urban of residents. Given that the nature of rural jobs is largely menial and unskilled, such as in agriculture and the likes, unemployment is more of a concern in urban areas where more skilled labor is required. The unemployment rate in the urban areas was 18.4% compared to 12.3% in the rural areas, as the preference is more for formal white-collar jobs, which are located mostly in urban centers.

Date of Creation: 16/December/2017

Status: Private

Our mission:

Using technology to facilitate and catalyze innovation, entrepreneurial development, and business success that fosters sustainable economic growth in Africa.

To focus on a social impact project that will affect the surrounding community.


Nurturing innovation through research and a collaborative community of entrepreneurs.